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Thanks for checking out Pilates with Caitlin. I am happy to have you here!
Caitlin's Story

I first started Pilates over 10 years ago and ever since my first class I was HOOKED! The classes were challenging without being too intense, but I also felt amazing and I left every class feeling even better than the last. I knew I had found the workout that was perfect for me. 

Fast forward a few years later I had been working in the fashion industry feeling unfulfilled and not as motivated as I once did. I was feeling a big shift in the industry many companies were closing down due to the ease of online shopping. With these changes I was let go from my job. The stress of that (and the added stress of a recent breakup at the same time) I would go to Pilates classes almost everyday to help keep my spirits up, and avoid a downward spiral. I LOVED how Pilates classes lifted my mood daily and how it became a healthy way to deal with my stress. It quickly became clear that I needed a job that I was truly passionate about that would help others. 


I began working at a Pilates studio in Toronto as an Office Manager and fell in love with the fitness world and community. I took my certification to become an instructor thinking it would be the perfect side job. 


During the early months of the Covid global pandemic studios were forced to close and I made the decision to dive into instructing full time online. This is when Pilates with Caitlin was born. 


With the power of social media and word of mouth I had the pleasure of teaching amazing people all over the world (all across Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Asia and Australia!).


What started as a potential side hustle turned into the most satisfying, fun, challenging project I have ever taken on. At a very stressful time in the world I wanted to help people feel their best and give them a distraction from scariness of the pandemic. 


To have a job where I can help people feel better, create a community of amazing women, and do my favourite workout is my dreams coming true.  

Fun Stuff

What I love to drink

Matcha and Red Wine (depending on the time of day)

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